The 10 Greatest Games At E3 2016

Play on, playas.

The major players in the video game world threw down this week at E3 in Los Angeles, outlining what’s to come for the rest of 2016 and beyond. 

As the biggest week in video games draws to a close, here are our top ten picks for best in show. 

Death Stranding

Only Hideo Kojima, mastermind behind Metal Gear Solid, could get an arena full of dudes to go wild over Norman Reedus’ bare ass but that’s exactly what happened when Sony trotted him out at their press conference to kick off E3. His first project since breaking with his old publisher is called Death Stranding and promises to be a cinematic, psychological action game, exclusively on the PS4.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo won our hearts two times over this E3. Once, for having big enough balls to turn up with just one game. Once more because that game was Zelda: Breath of the Wild and it may have been the best game of the show with its gigantic open-world and signature Zelda style and gameplay.

Final Fantasy XV

With FFXV marinating since 2006, Square Enix decided to drop jaws by actually putting a release date of September 30th this year on the long awaited installment of the Final Fantasy mega-series. If we aren’t wearing leather dusters by fall just assume they delayed it again.

Detroit: Become Human

When the fellas over at QuanticDream show up, we focus up. Known for games where story is paramount, the studio behind Heavy Rain is now putting you into an Asimovian dreadscape where androids play detective against their malfunctioning brethren in Detroit: Become Human. 

God of War

The all-out assault Playstation made on E3 this year was led by fan-favorite Kratos with their announcement of a brand new God of War. Don’t call it a reboot though. The team at Sony Santa Monica aren’t telling Kratos’ origin story again. Instead, the game stars an older, wiser, fatherly Kratos in the Nordic wilderness and wrapped up in Norse mythology.

Sea of Thieves

Microsoft’s sleeper of the show is a pirate game where friends band together to crew a pirate ship, plunder booty and wage war on the high seas. Sea of Thieves is an ambitious project from the studio that brought us Goldeneye almost two decades ago and has surprising style and scope, from mounting the crow’s nest to look out over the massive ocean world to swigging grog below deck.

Battlefield 1

EA’s warfare simulator goes WWI when it returns October 21st. The E3 reveal was quickly followed by a huge, live, 32v32 session of the game’s multiplayer featuring celebrity players like Jamie Foxx, Zac Efron and Snoop Dogg. That session was quickly followed by the whole theater smelling like Snoop’s dank ass blunt smoke. We don’t remember too much after that.

Mafia 3

We didn’t expect any announcements from the GTA franchise or Rockstar Games but 2K is still giving us an open-world gangster game this year that should scratch your OG itch. Mafia 3 could easily go by the name GTA:Nawlins since it centers around organized crime in the corrupt NOLA of yesteryear. Lots of cars, cut-scenes and missions should keep us occupied as a southern kingpin come October 7th.

South Park: Fractured But Whole

Matt and Trey are back with their follow-up to Stick of Truth. The story may have switched from fantasy to comic heroes, the combat may have evolved to action instead of turn-based but the jokes are as funny and raunchy as ever. Just look at the title. 


OK, this isn’t actually a game, but there are so many great ones coming for Playstation’s $399 VR platform this fall, we couldn’t pick just one. Experiences that range from being Batman to playing a round of golf to shooting up an alien world to discovering the majesty and danger of dinosaurs are all in the cards to launch with the headset that uses your existing PS4 for horsepower.