Here’s 10 More Beautiful Olympic Athletes Who Are Heating Up Rio

There’s no shortage of gorgeous Olympians at the 2016 games.

We’ve already brought you ten of the hottest Olympic athletes competing at Rio ’16, but we couldn’t resist bringing you even more beauties competing for gold and glory down in Brazil. You’re welcome.

Ana Ivanovic

The sizzling Serbian tennis player crashed out in the first round of the Olympic tennis competition, but her Instagram is much tougher to beat.

Morgan Mitchell

This Australian track star opens competition this Saturday in the 400m, but she’s been dominating the ‘gram for a while now.

Michelle Jenneke

This Aussie who went viral with a 2012 viral dance video might have the most popular account of any competitor at Rio. Even if she doesn’t win a medal in the 100m hurdles, expect to see big things in her future.

Tonia Couch

Think doing two and half flips off a diving board is tough? Try doing it in perfect synchronization with a teammate. Creating this jawdropping account must be a breeze by comparison for this British beauty.

Ella Nelson

Another Australian track star makes our list as Nelson, a competitor in the 200m, proves she’s someone to take seriously both on the track, and on social media.

Yuliya Efimova

This Russian swimming star will compete in multiple events at the Rio Olympics, and while we cheer her amazing pics, she has already faced boos in Brazil due to her connection to the Russian doping controversy.

Eugenie Bouchard

This Canadian tennis star has already been ousted from the women’s tennis competition. Perhaps this means she’ll get more time on the Copacabana Beach, and we’ll get some  shots of her time there…

Kelsey Robinson

This American combines girl-next-door looks with world-class skills on the volleyball court, and based on her account, she knows how to have a good time when not digging, setting and spiking.

Ivana Spanovic

A Serbian long-jumper, Spanovic already looks like she had a long career ahead of her as an Instagram-fitness celebrity. We’ll certainly be watching her compete next week when the field competitions kick off.

Tsvetana Pironkova

This Bulgarian beauty is currently fighting for an Olympic medal in tennis, and we wish her lots of luck, assuming it doesn’t cut into her time and efforts posing for selfies.