The 10 Most Brutal Weapons from ‘Gears of War 4’

Ready, maim, fire.

Gears of War has a long history of gruesome weapons that we’ve put to good use in our crusade to fend off rebels and alien invaders alike. Gears of War 4 is no slouch in that department either. The latest additions to the arsenal arrive today, along with Gears4 and its new cast and story.

1. Longshot

The marquee sniper rifle of the COG’s. It’ll tear enemy heads off at 1000 yards (we’re guessing), but you better make it count because the Longshot is a single shot with a painfully long reloading time.

2. Dropshot

Since the Gears of War universe was caught by surprise by the Locusts, it’s no wonder that many weapons were improvised. The Dropshot is an effective piece of mining equipment that also happens to be effective at launching a rocket-powered drill and destroying a wide radius of baddies.

3. Buzzkill

Another piece of re-purposed artillery, the Buzzkill launches saw blades that bounce off of walls and stay deadly throughout. It’s an ego booster, especially if your aim could use some work.

4. Gnasher

Gears of War’s shotgun remains almost entirely unchanged in Gears4 and that’s a good thing. You wouldn’t mess with a surgeon’s scalpel, and you damn well shouldn’t mess with our Gnasher.

5. Customized Lancer

Gears4 adds a huge customization system to the game’s arsenal, but nothing beats the trusty old Lancer assault rifle. We love shooting with it almost as much as we love firing up its chainsaw attachment and mowing through cannon fodder.

6. Embar

No-scopers rejoice, Gears4 has given you your dream weapon, a sniper meant to be shot from the hip. We don’t recommend it for fast-moving targets but, in terms of devastating enemies, it’s a flanker’s dream.

7. Enforcer

Every arsenal needs a rapid fire weapon, and the Enforcer is it for Gears4. It acts like an SMG and, like an SMG, smart players will have the discipline to burst-fire it even though it’s really, really fun to empty whole clips in a single pull.

8. Overkill

The aptly named quad-barrel shotgun takes all the precision needed for the Gnasher (see above) and tosses it out the window. Popping off two shots at a time means anything in the Overkill’s short range will be liquefied on short notice.

9. Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Limited Edition

What’s a more essential part of a video game’s arsenal than the console you use to play it? The Gears4 bundle comes with the tippy top of the line Xbox One S, with a 2TB internal HDD, 4K output and trimmed down form factor. It also comes with a new, bluetooth-enabled Xbox One controller. Both are decked out in the battle-worn crimson iconic of the Gears of War series. The Ultimate Edition of Gears4 and a season pass come in the box too, so you’ll have everything you need in and out of the Gears universe to continue your battle. 

10. JD Fenix Xbox Controller

Like Thor’s Mjolnir, the most important weapon is the one that’s always in your hand. We’ve become quite attached to our Elite controller, but the rough edges of the JD Fenix is a reminder of the grit it takes to survive another Gears game.