The 10 Most Memorable Stoners on Film

We honor Shaggy, Kumar, and 8 other potheads.

We honor Shaggy, Kumar, and 8 other potheads.

Saul Silver and Dale Denton, Pineapple Express 

Saul is an amazingly resilient stoner—his ability to shake off car crashes is matched only by his uncanny ability to find smoke time while on the run from killer drug dealers—while Dale is the erstwhile brains of the operation (being the one with the actual job). Together, there's nothing they can't do. Except anything right. 

Alex, Grandma's Boy 

The oldest man outside the Defense Department to play video games for a living, this Brainasium senior tester's reefer cloud expands to all those around him, including his grandmother and her friends. (Matlock's way more exciting when you can see the dragons!) 

Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowski, The Big Lebowski 

The Dude abides, which naturally means he smokes himself into a Ralph's-aisle-wandering haze that no amount of kidnapping, blackmail, or incessant rambling from Donny can crack. And at the end of the day, he kind of, sort of, solves the mystery in the most roundabout way possible—"Fuck it, man. Let's go bowling." 

Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times at Ridgemont High 

Before Sean Penn became a scowling, self-serious political gadfly, he was Spicoli, the spiritual center of RHS. Despite constantly running afoul of nemesis Mr. Hand, Spicoli's laid-back nature eventually wears the old dude down, forcing a tentative truce. Just in time for the big dance, too. Awesome. Totally awesome. 

Harold Lee and Kumar Patel, Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay 

When you're baked (or so we've been told), the simplest tasks can take on monumental proportions: Getting food. Putting on clothes. Giving a shit. It all becomes a tedious and possibly dangerous adventure. But Harold and Kumar never lose their laser-sighted focus, whether they're tracking down White Castle or escaping from prison. 

Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, Scooby-Doo 

It's arguable that, despite the boring soberness of the majority of the Scooby-Doo gang, they wouldn't solve jack without Shaggy. That's because his M.O. is enhanced by his, um, choice of enhancements—any cop'll tell you that the best way to solve a mystery is to go where the food is. Foiled again, Old Man Withers. 

Glenn Michaels, Out of Sight 

Only one man is criminal mastermind enough to assist a prison break in Florida and then, days later, help plan a jewel heist in Detroit—and that man is Glenn "Studs" Michaels. Of course, the very same stash that helps him "focus" also makes him prone to the suggestion of kidnapped Federal marshals in short skirts. But aren't we all? 

Thurgood Jenkins, Half Baked 

His stash may be the shizz-nittle-bam-snip-snap-sap, but Thurgood and his pals Scarface and Brian still muster up the energy to save their imprisoned bud Kenny. However, actually doing something turns out to be so traumatic and draining that Thurgood actually ponders kicking the habit. 

Randall "Pink" Floyd, Dazed and Confused 

It's the last day of school, and the only things that matter to most Texas high schoolers are parties, buds (of all kinds), and chicks. Except for Pink. He's grappling with deeper issues, like whether or not so sell his soul to a football coach who actually wants him to stop blazing up. Fascist! 

Silas P. Silas and Jamal King, How High 

Taking a cue from Jamal and Silas, many people have attempted to smoke their way to Harvard degrees. And many have succeeded, if "succeed" means you accept half a credit in women's studies from Lake Champlain Community College's adult extension night classes. And we do, because otherwise we'd have no staff. 

Towlie, South Park 

He may not know what the hell is going on most of the time, but that doesn't mean Towelie can't come through in desperate times. So remember, next time you and your buddies are attempting to breach a secret government base to save your Game Sphere, don't forget to bring a towel!