10 Questions About Phoenix for Larry Fitzgerald

The Arizona Cardinals receiver may not be playing in Superbowl XLIX, but he knows Phoenix.

1) What’s the best place to feast with a group of friends, and why?

There are three: 1. Lolo’s Chicken and Waffles is casual, Steak 44 is casual chic, and Eddie’s House is family style. They all have different types of cuisine, great service, and an overall nice experience to get your dinner on.

2) Any advice on how to kill time before game day?

Play golf! Whisper Rock is a private club, so you must go with a member, but it’s one of the top courses in the world. I like Papago, a public course. You can also hike Camelback Mountain—it’s pretty tough, so a serious hiker would like it, but it’s not something that’ll scare off a first-time hiker. Pinnacle Peak is also a great hiking spot.

I’m also into Scottsdale Gun Club, which is a great place to fire some guns off.

3) What’s the best dive bar? 

I don’t drink or go out to bars, but my buddies say the best dive bar is Dos Gringo’s in Scottsdale. It’s a casual, laid back patio bar located amongst the shops and galleries in Old Town Scottsdale. 

4) What’s your favorite restaurant?

Hands down, Elements Restaurant at the Sanctuary. It’s absolutely beautiful and nestled in the mountains, so the views are spectacular.

5) Best sports bar?

This I know: It’s a place called Majerle’s in Scottsdale. Awesome atmosphere and helpful staff, with great customer service. Tons of TVs—like 30 of them, so it’s great for watching the game.   

6) Where’s a good place to meet women?

The W Hotel in Scottsdale. The music isn’t too loud and you can carry on a great conversation. It also has the great-looking crowd. And it’s comfortable and safe, which is important. 

7) Where should I stay?

I like two places. The Phoenician Resort is a 5-star hotel. It’s beautiful property and first class service. I also know the Sanctuary Resort is great. It’s one of the top resorts in the state.

8) Any ideas on what clubs to hit up?

Sure. Here’s four: The Maya, which is a beach club, the Mint for techno, the International for Latin and hip-hop, and Red Revolver for straight-up hip-hop.

9) Pick a favorite thing to do in Arizona.

Aw, there are too many things to pick just one.

10) Fine, then. What you love most about Arizona?

The 320 days of sunshine every year. 

Photos by Christian Peterson/ Getty Images