10 Reasons Lady Gaga Will Kill It On American Horror Story

“Gothic” and “melodrama” are actually Stephanie Germanotta’s middle names.

With this video, Lady Gaga announced her upcoming role in the latest season of Ryan Murphy’s incredibly campy, stupendously gory, improbably televised American Horror Story. Hot off her debut at the Oscars as a Streisand-style crooner of the classics, Lady Gaga has decided to expand her career further, and we think there’s no series in which she’s a more natural fit. AHS is, after all, a wildly-costumed television freak-show. She’s a self-proclaimed freak, remember?

This is not just speculation—oh no. We’ve mined American Horror Story’s past seasons to figure out what capacities an actress might need to succeed on the show and found that Lady Gaga holds them all. Here is our evidence, presented in luscious GIF-vision.

1. Camp Is The Glue That Holds Us Together

2. Lady Gaga Has No Aversion to Gore

3. Lady Gaga Can Pull Off A Large Musical Number

4. Lady Gaga Can Strut

5. Lady Gaga Knows Fear

6. Lady Gaga Is Not Afraid to Experiment

7. Lady Gaga Has No Trouble Saying No

8. Lady Gaga Abhors Haters

9. Lady Gaga Appreciates a Fur

10. Lady Gaga Has An Appropriate Flair For The Dramatic