10 Reasons To Re-Watch The Avengers Trailer

Is it May 4th yet? Why not?!

Is it May 4th yet? Why not?!

Unless this is your very first time using a computer, you must have seen or at least heard about the latest and greatest trailer for the upcoming The Avengers movie. Even if you’ve grown weary of super hero summer movies, the trailer is worth a look. All your childhood day dreams have finally come true, excluding that day dream you had about the sexy rainbow.

Here’s why you should watch the trailer several times.  

1. Hulk caught Iron Man!

2. Scarlett Johansson has a gun!

At first we laughed because of all the super powered heroes, this tiny gun isn’t going to save the day. But then we realized of all the weapons, the gun is the only one we can all use. That means we can be Avengers, too! Excuse us while we have a talk with HR and draft a letter of resignation from Maxim.

3. That thing at the end! What was that thing! Did you see that thing!?

It’s a giant robotic snake! It probably has a name, and a back story that we’re oblivious too, but for the time being, it’s a giant robotic snake!

Nerd Note: Upon some investigative reporting, we learned that this snake is called Leviathan, and director Joss Whedon has been keeping the beast a secret until now.

4. Sam Jackson!

He has more screen time in this trailer than in all of the previous Marvel movies combined. It’s good to see him out and about.

5. Hulk caught Iron Man!

Did you see it? He totally caught him!

6. Iron Man Fights Spaceships!

The story is still a bit murky. We know Loki is back, and rumor has it the Skrull are involved, but whatever the reason, we’re glad Iron Man is fighting spaceships. That’s what he does best.

7. The Fight in the Woods!

Comic fans know that the Avengers don’t always get along, sometimes resulting in Civil Wars. The battle in the woods makes it clear that these heroes don’t enjoy sharing the spotlight. Bring on the ego-driven drama and tension! We love our soap operas with high-tech special effects and mystical hammers.

8. No Jennifer Aniston!

9. Hulk did not let Iron Man fall!

10.  IMAX 3D is a trademark of IMAX Corporation!

Hmm…well, that information is in the trailer. Thanks to the music and the adrenaline rushing through our body at the time, we thought this was a fascinating piece of information. Sorry.

Because the clip flies by faster than Thor’s hammer, we snapped a few more pics of our favorite trailer moments that you may have missed.

Psst, Thor? The Hammer is right behind you! It heard everything you said. EVERYTHING!

Don’t ask how we know, but 6 slices of Kraft Singles fit in the mouth slot.

Stepped on a Lego brick. We’ve all been there. Ouch!

Shoot all the clouds you want, Hawkeye. It only makes them angry.

“She’s not doing a correct pushup, but so what? At least she’s trying.” said the floor.

Notice how we’re not making a Tebow joke? Proud of us? Thought so.

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