10 Spiked Fast Food Cocktails For Summer

Two ingredients. Too delicious. This feature is also known as “how to be a cheap drunk.”

1. 7-Eleven‘s Blue Shock Slurpee and Bombay Sapphire Gin


One Slurpee (whatever size you like, but keep in mind: the smaller, the boozier!)

One airplane bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin


Pour and stir. Drink.

The gin mixed perfectly with this frozen delight. Who knew juniper berries went so well with blue raspberry flavored high fructose corn syrup? It’s a match made in 7-Eleven heaven! 

2. Burger King Cherry Icee and Absolut Citron


One Cherry Icee

One airplane bottle of Absolut Citron vodka

Directions: Pour. Stir. Re-freeze. Drink in about one hour.

The vodka temporarily melts the Icee, so you need to re-freeze it to enjoy properly. Overall, this was the most delightful combo. And we’d do it again!

3. Dairy Queen Mint Chip Shake and Jack Daniels


One small DQ Mint Chip Shake

One airplane bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey 


Listen up, Daym Drops! Pour Jack Daniels the second you get the shake so you don’t melt the ice cream too much. Stir and enjoy the magic of mint, whiskey, and chocolate!

You might be reluctant to mix three bold flavors together, but it just works. Trust us. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the classic DQ. 

4. Dunkin’ Donuts Frozen Mocha Coffee Coolatta


Dunkin Donuts Frozen Mocha Coffee Coolatta

Airplane bottle of Ron Zacapa Rum


Pour the rum in, stir, and re-freeze for two hours. Drink a few sips and never look back. 

If you need a double buzz (one from caffeine and one from booze), then this is perfect for you. We’d also recommend it with creme de cocoa, irish creme, and chocolate flavored vodka. If you don’t like coffee, then don’t ever drink this, dummy.

5. McDonald’s McCafe Vanilla Shake


McDonald’s McCafe Vanilla Shake

Half a bottle of Guinness Black Lager

A blender


Blend all the ingredients (use only half the beer) and re-freeze for three hours. Serve in a bowl with a spoon and enjoy it like beer ice cream. Guiness Black Lager is strong in this, so we recommend a lighter stout if you aren’t the biggest beer lover. If you are, then this is perfect for you!

6. Rita’s Frozen Lemonade with Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka


Rita’s Frozen Lemonade

Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka


Pour in the vodka. Stir. Sip. Forget about your worries and your strife.

Rita’s Italian Ice is not a huge franchise like some of our other listmakers, but if you’re lucky enough to have come upon one of their shacky stands you know that Italian ice is the best thing since hot women named Rita. Adding a shot of sweet tea vodka makes it even better. Our take on the Arnold Palmer cools you down and makes you feel like king of the world… or King of Italian ice! Same thing.

7. Sonic Frozen Lime Fruit Slush With Patron Silver Tequila


Sample size bottle of Patron Silver 

Small Sonic Frozen Lime Fruit Flush


Use only half of the bottle of Patron if you have any post-happy hour obligations. Pour, stir, and enjoy.  Add salt if you’re feeling frisky. Add a sombrero if you’re feeling bad about yourself today.

Sonic knows how to do fruit slushes. They are the champions of them. Hell, they should just be named the damn champions of summer, thanks to these delicious things. Enjoy our take on the poor man’s margarita, which is much more refreshing than the weak, drink mix slop you usually get at your favorite Tex Mex chain.

8. Taco Bell Baja Blast Freeze With Newcastle Bombshell


Half a bottle of Newcastle Bombshell Beer

Taco Bell Baja Blast Freeze

A blender


Use only half the beer for the freeze. Mix with the freeze in a blender. Re-freeze for half an hour. Drink the remainder of the beer while you wait.

If you like highlighter-green colored drinks, but you usually think they’re too sweet, then this is your answer. The light beer cuts the sugary taste and actually tastes like mid-summer in your mouth. It’s lovely. Thanks, Taco Bell.

9. Wawa Caramel Cream Smoothie With Baileys Irish Cream


Wawa Caramel Cream Smoothie

One airplane bottle of Baileys


Pour, mix, enjoy. If this gets watered down too quickly, re-freeze for about 30 minutes. Or just shoot some liquid nitrogen in there. Use what you have.

Mixing Bailey’s into pretty much anything drinkable tastes good (with the exception of ketchup and maybe mayonnaise), but engulfing a mix of creamy whiskey and caramel is the best way to wake up in the morning. Add in a shot of espresso and you can even go to work! Kind of. 

10. Wendy’s Frosty With Hennessy 


Small Wendy’s Chocolate Frosty

Airplane bottle of Hennessy

A blender


Pour all the Hennessy and all the Frosty into a blender. Blend, pour, re-freeze for 2 hours, and eat with a spoon later.

This is not for the weak tongued. If you like bland things, stay away from this. It’s stong, it’s distinct, and it marries two flavors no one expects. We went places no one ever went before with this one. Are we proud? You bet. Was it tough? Definitely. Is it worth it? Uh-huh. Be adventurous and you just might like this one. You’re gonna get weird, though.

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