Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Play ‘Destiny 2’, the Biggest Video Game of 2017

No wonder die-hard gamers can’t wait to play it.

Credit: Bungie

From the publisher that brings us Call of Duty and the studio that put Halo on the map, Destiny 2 has finally arrived—and it’s blowing us away on all fronts. 

A sequel to the 2014 shared world shooter, Destiny 2 has reinvigorated the fan base, enticing an entirely new generation of gamers. It has stripped away shortcomings and delivered the game we’ve always wanted. 

Buckle up, Guardians. You’re in for a treat. 

Here are 10 reasons why:

Credit: Bungie

1. There’s a real story to follow

If you played the original, you know that Destiny didn’t have much in the way of a story, a shocking revelation when you realize they created the entire Halo universe and mythology which has leaked into novels, TV Shows and partnerships with Spielberg. 

Destiny 2 remedies that by throwing us into an epic plot that destroys life as we know it. Then it threatens the entirety of the population and asks you to band together. It’s all told in glorious graphics and lengthy cut-scenes. It also doesn’t hurt that Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres (Suits) and Lance Reddick (Fringe) also add some terrific voice talent either.

Credit: Bungie

2. Much Shorter Load Times

There is a noticeable difference in the amount of time players have to wait to get into the action. Perhaps because Destiny 2 was created strictly for the current generation of consoles (and PCs) instead of its predecessor, it had to split the difference between the PS3/Xbox360 generation and the PS4/XB1 generation.

The lengthy load times were one of Destiny’s biggest flaws. We’re happy to see this has been addressed so thoroughly in Destiny 2.

Credit: Bungie

3. The Grind Is a Groove Now 

One of the hallmarks of the original Destiny was grinding for loot and materials—and just about everything else. Destiny 2 hasn’t done away with the grind entirely, but it has made grinding a much more enjoyable situation. 

Players can now easily grind with friends and there are added activities to partake in during that grind. Public events, for example, are a unifying activity where total strangers can band together to reap rewards. You can find loot in unexpected places all over Destiny 2, go out there and claim it.

Credit: Bungie

4. An Absolutely Killer Engine

Destiny 2’s engine is built off of Destiny’s engine—which is built off of Halo Reach’s engine which is built off of Halo ODST’s engine and so on, all the way back to Halo: Combat Evolved

That may sound like a long time to use a game engine (it’s not, they have a long lifespan) but it translates to a refined pedigree built over the better part of two decades. 

As a result, Destiny 2 has some of the tightest gunplay and gameplay we’ve ever encountered. It shames 90% of the other first-person shooters out there. If you’re not into Destiny 2 for the gunplay, why are you even here?

Credit: Bungie

5. More Enemies to Destroy

Destiny 2’s predecessor had a wide variety of enemies spread across several planets to keep the action going. 

D2 punches that approach out even further with entirely new classes of beastly enemies stacked on top of the beefy ones we’ve been killing all along. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to enemies in our cross-hairs.

Credit: Bungie

6. Everything Has Been Streamlined

Destiny 2 is chock full of small improvements and tweaks that mitigate the hair-pulling we suffered in the original. 

For instance, the days of equipping all your best gear in order to get better new gear are over. D2 will actually scan your inventory and automatically award you the highest level loot you can get. 

Similarly, bouncing around level to level in the game no longer requires backing all the way out to the map menus. Instead you now can jump directly in and cut down on two load times in the process. 

Smart improvements like this go a long way in making Destiny 2 that much more enjoyable for the gamers and prove that Bungie was listening to the fans when making D2.

Credit: Bungie

7. Weapon and Armor Mods

When all the players in your game are out for loot, you gotta give them what they’re asking for. That means customizations of that loot. 

Mods are a new addition in Destiny 2 and provide the potential to buff both the look and stats of your guns and armor. Those mods are poised to up game’s badass levels, making your guns and armor wildly potent and making you look suave as fuck while you’re at it.

Credit: Bungie

8. Loot, Loot, and More Loot

Ah, the real purpose of playing Destiny 2; loot! From guns to armor to power ups and mods, any gamer that says they’re in it for anything besides better gear is lying. 

We’re all in this for the next Gjallarhorn rocket launcher or Thorn pistol, an exotic helmet or a ghost to assist you in your questing. 

Destiny 2 already starts off with dozens of pieces of gear just waiting to be added to your arsenal and inventory. We’ll all be waiting for the rewards of the next raid when it’s unveiled later this month but that’s not stopping us from filling our coffers with goodies right now.

Credit: Bungie

9. Even More Killing 

Destiny 2 isn’t just all about its intergalactic plot and taking on legions of alien enemies, there’s also a deep component of person vs person competition. Similar to Call of Duty’s PvP deathmatches, Destiny 2 pits players against each other for those oh-so-coveted rewards. 

It does it with a unique twist, one that allows players to have a much larger level of customization and makes fighting your fellow Guardians an experience like no other. It’s up to you to figure out the way to gain footing on the competitive scale but, when you do, you’re sure to earn yourself the gear that goes along with it.

Credit: Bungie

10. It Definitely Promises More to Come

Destiny 2’s world has been robust and exciting since we got the green light to explore it – and that’s impressive at launch – but it also comes with the promise of so much more to come. Bungie and Activision have at least two expansions planned for the game already.

That means more levels, strikes, raids, weapons and gear are on the horizon. This is the kind of support and planning we appreciate in games that are meant to be full-time love affairs, the way that the original Destiny was for many people. There’s plenty of time between now and those expansions and we plan on using it to explore every scrap of ground that Bungie has laid out before us in Destiny 2.