10 Things We’re Guaranteed to See in the New Wahlberg Brothers Reality Show

Hint: They will be taking a trip to Southie.

Well, it seems like former New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg’s years of pleading his Oscar-winning brother Mark to star in a reality show with him have finally paid off. Yes, it has been confirmed that the two Boston boys are teaming up for an A&E reality series called Wahlburgers. (That’s the name of the family’s burger restaurant in Hingham, Massachusetts.) So what can we expect the two guys with the world’s strongest Boston accents to do for the cameras? Here’s what we’re thinking:

1. Walk around Southie and reminisce with locals about how they used to play stick ball or some shit they 100% never, ever did.

2. Reunite with the Funky Bunch when they stumble upon a bum fight under the Bunker Hill Bridge.

3. Spar.

4. Go to their old high school and tell kids to stay in school…and to keep their Bahston accents.

5. Mark doing bench presses while Donnie smears clam chowder on his chest. (Fingers crossed!)

6. Go to Southie again and give out holiday turkeys.

7. Get in a rumble with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

8. Work out with grizzled trainer who taught the fellas how to “stay off the streets” back in the day.

9. Donnie will stick his dick in the crack in the Liberty Bell. (Yes, we know that’s in Philadelphia, the Wahlbergs do vacation, you know!)

10. Take off their shirts for no reason at all. In Southie.

Photos by Photo: Kevin Mazur | WireImage | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013