10 Women Who Lost on Reality Shows Then Won at Life

There’s winning and then there’s winning.

Our favorite part of reality television is its utter failure to approximate “real life.” True “reality” would be endless footage of interstate commuting in a dingy Toyota Corolla and big reveals along the lines of cats pissing on rugs and average-looking workers having affairs with average-looking co-workers.

The fact that the world of reality television is such a highly sculpted, overly-bedazzled and heavily boozed version of our reality is great for a certain group: People who have lost reality television competitions. The “reality” is, success or failure on a reality show has almost nothing to do with the trajectory of one’s life! As proof, here are ten women who found huge success in the wider world after crashing and burning under Bravo’s fuchsia spotlights.

Photos by René & Radka