The 10 Worst Super Bowls of All-Time (Including Last Year’s Travesty)

The biggest game of the year isn’t always the best.

If the amount of attention given to a football game was directly related to the entertainment value of said game, every Super Bowl would be a high-scoring shootout with flea flickers, halfback passes and Jerry Jones getting hit in the face with an errant kick. (In this scenario, Prince would always perform at halftime.) But the playoff buildup doesn’t guarantee a compelling finale. Surprisingly, the Super Bowl sometimes fails to live up to its impossible-to-live-up-to hype. Remember last year’s blowout? Peyton does, but the rest of us aren’t giving it much thought. Here’s hoping the second “Roaster in the Toaster” turns out better than these flameouts.

Photos by Sylvia Allen/Getty Images