Watch This Insanely Hot Stoner Chick Demonstrate 100 Ways to Get High, Because It's 4/20

Yes, you can even toke out of a pizza slice.

One of the most admirable traits of a true stoner is their ability to be resourceful when they break their favorite glass pipe or run out of rolling papers. 

100 Ways to Get High Promo

But the number of apparatuses the gorgeous girl uses to spark up in the clip above from Cut Video takes that stoner creativity to an even "higher" level. 

To demonstrate 100 different ways to get stoned, Ella Yvette starts out smoking out of pretty standard equipment—bongs, blunts and pipes. 

Screenshot (2156)

Then, shit gets weird. Everyone is familiar with apple pipes, but did you know you can toke up using leeks and pineapples too? 

Screenshot (2165)

In fact, tons of items that aren't meant to be smoked out of can be turned into vessels for marijuana, including tampons... 

Screenshot (2168)

...and space helmets. 

Screenshot (2187)

Even children's toys can be made into a pipe.

Screenshot (2164)

They inevitably had to switch her to edibles, which included gummy bears, brownies, and a weed-infused tincture. 

Screenshot (2179)

We shouldn't be surprised that the folks at Cut Video came up with this insane smoking display. After all, they're the same people who brought us the viral video of these blazing grannies. 

Since it IS 4/20, you might as well give it a watch below: 

Happy weed day, my dudes. Go get ripped!