They're Now Making 1,000-Packs of Beer in Finland, So Grab Your Passport Immediately

Sheer genius.
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Ever been hanging out with your bros and—dammit!—you run out of beer. Well, if you lived in Finland, this nightmare scenario would never have to happen again.

Apparently there's a battle of the brews going on in Northern Europe, and the suds-swilling consumer is benefitting big time. As GrubStreet reports:

The inspiration is partly to show up a rival beer maker. The massive packs of Keisari, which is brewed by Nokian Panimo are said to be a “spontaneous joke” in response to some (now fairly weak-seeming) 100-packs of beer from Karjala there were introduced last month. That said, the availability of these packs is “not a joke,” per Finnish media, and several K-supermarket stores around the country started selling the giant “1,000-päkki” of cans this weekend.

You hear that? These massive quantities of quality beer are not a joke. You could be walking through the supermarket looking for your girlfriend's almond milk and bump into this display.

GrubStreet says a pack will set you back about €2,150, which, at $2,347 in U.S. dollars is a bit more than two bucks a beer. Apparently it's a good deal because, in order to pack them correctly, 1,080 cans are necessary. Nice!

Suffice it to say, we're happy to share the planet with a people who think 1,000 packs of beer are a good idea. As they say in Finnish, "Kippis!"