The 12 Wildest Psychedelic Pin-Ups of the 1960s

Why not take a mind-bending trip through the sexy, decadent and decidedly hairy hippie glory of the ’60s?

Long before Maxim revolutionized the men’s magazine landscape, hippies roamed the Earth. These free-loving scamps were often nude, had questionable hygiene, smoked lots of weed, dropped acid on the reg, and sometimes even published racy men’s mags. The new bookPsychedelic Sexcasts a wild-eyed gaze on those libertine times, specifically the golden age of hippie-sploitation rags from 1967 to 1972. Bearing such names as Groovie, Way Out, Where It’s AtBang!, and The Nude Rebellion, these titles boldly—and sometimes comically—embraced all-natural hippie hotness, mind-expanding graphics and the saucier side of flower power.

Click on our slideshow to bask in their debauched vibes. It’s a trip!

Caution: Some Images are NSFW.