14 Sexy Food Costumes That Make Us Hungry For Halloween

Damn! Now we’ll never be able to look at a corn husk without being aroused again!

Sexy Bacon

This costume says, “I’m the greatest ever, but someday, I will stop your heart and kill you.” Awww.

Sexy Banana

We love the attention to detail here but maybe could have gone without the tip this time… turtle tail anyone?

Sexy Burger

Where’s the BEEF?!

Sexy Campbell’s Soup

We’ll go ahead and skip the “Mmmm mmm good” jokes here. Oh, wait.

Sexy Chinese Takeout

This costume does the asking out for you. 

Sexy Corn

Pickup line for this costume: “Hey, how would you like to go back to my place and shuck?”

Sexy Fries

Let’s French! 

Sexy Instant Noodles

Just missing a Ramen-style wig, circa Justin Timberlake in 1999

Sexy Jolly Rancher

She’s playing hard (candy) to get with this one! Ha! 

Sexy Pizza

The crust doubles as a neck pillow! 

Sexy Sriracha

This one is near and dear to our heart… except for the whole bunny thing. Where did that come from?!

Sexy Strawberry

Also works as a sexy tomato!

Sexy Sushi

This costume says, “I’m the catch of the day!”

Sexy Twizzlers

The ropes really make this one a winner. 

Happy Halloween!