The 15 Best Moments at the 2015 Grammys

The only ceremony where you can get giant fans, bellhop hats, Prince’s presence, and Kanye being Kanye in one evening. 

Love them or hate them, the Grammys are undeniably always going to be entertaining — what else can you expect from an awards show that boasts musicians from all genres and walks of life, each with their own distinct style, quirks, and performing power? The 2015 show was no exception.

Before the night even started, Iggy Azalea was in a Twitter beef with Papa Johns for allegedly distributing her phone number after she ordered from them. A trip to the red carpet revealed Charli XCX dressed like an extra from Party Down, Madonna in matador gear and flashing us her incredibly well-preserved ass, and Joy Villa in something that was less of a dress and more of a stolen orange fence.

The ceremony itself stretched for three and a half hours and included 23 performances, so relive the best 15 moments here.

Photos by Getty Images