16 Bowls Better Than the Super Bowl

You can’t beat the Dude.

Anytime a person, place or thing has an overly-positive adjective in its name, you can bet your ass it doesn’t live up to that promise. Some examples: Fantastic Sam’s, Good & Plenty and the Great Wall of China, which are neither fantastic, good nor great. Then there’s the Super Bowl, the only professional championship game that feels the need to declare its excellence up front. It’s no secret that 

the Super Bowl isn’t always very super

. Hell, the Super Bowl isn’t even the best bowl we could think of. Here are 16 bowls that are way better than the game we’d like to see re-dubbed “Adequate.” 

1) That bowl cut you probably had in the seventh grade.

2) Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Bowl.

3) The self-replenishing peanut M&M bowl at the office. 

4) That 

beautiful scene of Jesus bowling


The Big Lebowski

5) Seven-foot-seven former NBA big man and 

sneaky good three point shooter

 Manute Bol.

6) Henry James’ adultery-obsessed final novel, 

The Golden Bowl


7) This 

$140 mixing bowl

 from Williams Sonoma.

8) Uncle Ben’s microwaveable rice bowls.

9) Leadbelly’s 

version of “Boll Weevil.”

10) Key and Peele’s 

East/West College Bowl sketch

11) Berkeley Bowl, the best yuppie grocery store in the East Bay.

12) Uwe Boll, director of highly entertaining cinematic trash.

13) Ken Burns’ 

The Dust Bowl

, a haunting study of the sever drought that ravaged the Great Plains in the 1930s. 

14) Playing with the 

Raiders on Tecmo Bowl


15) Cereal bowls with milk straw built in to them.

16) This 

three hour YouTube video

 of Tibetan singing bowls.


Photos by Everett Collection