The 2 Best and 2 Worst Picks for Next Year’s Super Bowl Champion

We’re getting our money in early.

We’re getting our money in early.

The first lines are already in on who will hoist the Ray Lewis Trophy (that’s what it will be called at that point, by the way) and while it may seem foolhardy to throw some money on a team before a long offseason, we like to live dangerously (the milk in our cereal this morning was ONE WHOLE DAY expired). If you’re in the same boat as us – trying desperately to win back the beer money we lost on the Beyonce set list prop bet (“Bootylicious”? Really?), here are some good and some terrible picks for your early wager.

The Best

New York Giants – 20/1

The allure of home field advantage is a great motivator, and while no home team has ever made it to the Big Game hosted in their city, the Giants seem to have a knack for postseason magic. Right, Tom Brady?

San Francisco 49ers – 8/1

Colin Kaepernick almost completed the largest Super Bowl comeback in history on only his tenth start. If the Niners bolster their secondary in the offseason, imagine what that offense can accomplish next year.

The Worst

Atlanta Falcons – 18/1

Those odds still aren’t enough to sway us on the Falcons’ status as NFL elite. They tend to have all the pieces but are unable to fit them together in the postseason. Sorry Hotlanta; at least you still have your colossal airport.

New England Patriots – 7/1

These odds are sure to gobble up lots of money, but just remember that the Pats have not been able to finish a season since 2004. The line should only get more appealing, so sit this one out, at least until the time in which you’re recovered from your night out getting Gronk-smashed.

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