2 Chainz to “2 Broke Girls”

The rapper will be on the CBS sitcom on February 11th, which is both awesome and street cred-reducing.

The rapper will be on the CBS sitcom on February 11th, which is both kind of awesome and street cred-reducing. 

We got two surprises about 2 Broke Girls today: 1) It’s still on the air, and 2) “Rapper” 2 Chainz is set to appear alongside the bodacious Kat Dennings and the show’s obnoxious laugh track next month. On the one hand, it might give us reason to watch. On the other, is nothing in the hip-hop world sacred anymore?! Remember back in the day when rappers were badass, or at least unsuitable for primetime sitcoms? Yeah, neither do we, which is why we’re celebrating these other rappers-turned-cuddly-guys-next-door. Check ’em out below. 

Kanye West


Kanye West fit right in with the Kardashians by having a ‘K’ name and

fathering Kim’s baby




One day, Jay-Z taught Oprah how to rap. Now, ain’t that sweet as lemon pie?


Next we hope Ludacris—er, excuse us, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges—covers P!nk’s “Raise Your Glass.”

Three 6 Mafia

Even Queen Latifah had to laugh when the group won an Oscar. 



Ice Loves Coco

… is this real life? 

Lil Jon


After watching the rapper on

The Apprentice

, we might consider hiring him. Even Donald Trump thinks he’s a great guy! 

Game On With 2 Chainz

Kat Dennings