2 Chainz Talks All-Star, His New Adidas Shoe, and Getting an NBA Contract

Not only can he rap and wear more than one (but less than three) chains – he can ball.

Your new Adidas shoe drops today – can you tell us a little about what you were trying to accomplish with the design?

It has to do with the first headlining tour – 2 Good 2 be TRU – I’ve ever had. I’ve been opening up for years, kind of paying my dues, and with the tour this shoe is a direct representation of my personality. It’s sleek, it’s sturdy, it’s fashionable. It’s more detailed the closer you get to it. It speaks a lot without saying much. It feels good to have Adidas reach out and want to do a collaboration with me and want to work with me. It’s a great time in my life, it’s a blessing to get to drop a shoe on All-Star weekend like I’m an athlete or something.

You went full ride to Alabama State on a basketball scholarship, did you not?

I can’t remember if it was a full ride. It was a full ride a few places, when I was trying to do that. Ups and downs, you know.

You were angling for a 10-day NBA contract, ever see any results from that?

We’ll see. I was just talking about that – it depends on the team. The team has to be stacked. I could play All-Star tomorrow, that team is stacked. [Laughs] No one is going to be playing defense, no matter what pass I throw someone will always be ready for it. The thing about playing the celebrity games is that not all of them have an athletic background and it frustrates me when I’m on the floor and I throw a nice pass and it’s a turnover.

Do you have a squad you’re rooting for at the All-Star game?

The thing is Kobe’s not playing. But I gotta go for the West.

Even without Kobe?

Even without him, gotta rock with him. Durant’s going to try to go for 50 when everyone’s just jockin’ it tomorrow.

Do you have any All-Star game memories?

T-Mac throwing it off the glass. LeBron’s windmill dunk, that was hot. Kobe getting MVP. I remember when Jordan played and when Magic played after everything happened.

Ever play pickup with any of the guys?

Not yet, but it’s going to be fun. I can’t wait. 

Photos by Denver Post via Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2014