The 20 Most Insane Half-Court Shots

These are the throws where the “swish” is immediately drowned out by the sound of people losing their minds.

These are the throws where the “swish” is immediately drowned out by the sound of people losing their minds.

With everyone in the world still being forwarded this incredible video of Khalil Edney’s insane buzzer-beater five times a day, we’re taking a look back at some of the other amazing half-court shots out there. Some of these won games, some won prizes, and some won nothing but the amazed look on the faces of everyone nearby, but they all won some serious respect.

20. No fear on show for this happy halftime hoops fan: He handles the pressure like a champ.

19. With precision like this, we’d say this dude could snag himself a spot as an NFL punter.

18. Okay, so this guy looks creepy, but we give him serious props for not only sinking an over the head, no-looker, but doing it while holding a camera at the same time. That deserves a creepy round of applause!

17. It’s not the prettiest looking shot out there, but shit, if it goes in, who the hell cares about style points?

16. What’s most shocking about Bron Bron’s shot is that he seems to do it with ease, like it’s just a layup for the three-time MVP. Guess that’s why he’s the best in the game—though it’s too bad it didn’t count for anything.

15. Banking a shot in is always kind of a pussy move, but banking one off of another team’s mascot’s balls definitely isn’t!

14. Seeing even one person make a half-courter during a halftime show is rare enough, but when it happens twice in a row, all we can think is, we’re glad we’re not the third guy.

13. What we like about this shot is that it’s clear these kids have trouble making just a normal bucket (as evidenced by the airball), so when third-grader Austin Worthen puts all his might behind this launch, he’s rewarded for his strength.

12. Sitting down to make a shot can be pretty tough. But for the Murray State star, it ain’t a thing as he drops to his knees and drains it.

11. Ok, so this one needed a little assistance to fall in, but come on, none of us have seen this type of shot before: Overhead toss, stuck on the back iron for a couple seconds and finally through the nylon? We’re sure he called that…

10. If you want to be a dick, you might suggest this little dude shuffled his feet before turning and shooting, but his buzzer-beater is still fucking impressive to us (skip to 1m 10s).

9. This shot isn’t any more spectacular than the others we’ve just seen, but the fact that All-World freak LeBron James tacks the guy like he just won his second title makes this shit cool as hell.

8. Chances are you learned how to shoot a basketball by pulling a Granny, so seeing this guy bust it out is a pretty ballsy move. But damn, it earned him over $75,000, so who the cares how he looks?

7. This guy went from potentially one of the most terrible half court attempts, to one that’s almost impossible to believe. We couldn’t imagine following this up in a game of H.O.R.S.E.

6. We’ve seen plenty of pranks pulled on fools who try their luck at shooting with a blindfold on, but this guy backs it up by draining it in front of a crowded gym.

5. When doing a story on our No. 6 spot, this sports reporter finds that a no-look shot from half court isn’t really all that tough after all, as he unwittingly sinks one of his own.

4. Normally a header would be reserved for a nasty finish from a cross on the soccer pitch, but this guy finds it to be a successful way to nail a half court shot. Just thinking about how long he had to practice this move gives us a headache.

3. Another awesome shot with, sadly, no audience. Until now!

2. Not only does Harris beat the buzzer with this one, he somehow maintains control of the ball enough to double-clutch and get it back before making it. It’s one of the most incredible shots anyone’s ever seen.

1. We have no idea how you even think up this move, let alone carry it off successfully. But we’d be happy to watch her practicing it…

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