This $2,000 Pizza Is for Suckers Only

Does the world really need a pizza topped with gold flakes, caviar, truffles and foie gras?


In New York City, a good slice of pizza can be had for a few bucks. Someone tell that to anyone paying for this $2,000 pie, which owes its sky-high price to toppings of 24-karat gold flakes (which don’t actually taste like anything), caviar, truffles and foie gras.

We’re not against splashing out on something extravagant every now and then, but this wood-fired pizza, from Industry Kitchen, is the pinnacle of unnecessary conspicuous consumption. Why spend so much cash, to the tune of $250 a slice, on something you’re just going to shit out, instead of a luxury vacation or a custom-made suit that’ll last you a lifetime?

(Photo: Industry Kitchen)

Anyways, Industry Kitchen executive chef Braulio Bunay tells Town & Country that he wanted to cater to the lavish tastes of free-spending Wall Street types working in the city’s Financial District. “It is the epitome of decadence,” Bunay said. “The pizza is extremely rich—if you’re in the mood for a lavish meal, this is the pizza for you.”

Thanks for stating the obvious, buddy.

The gold-flaked pizza is just the latest in ridiculous culinary excesses that have been being peddled by publicity-seeking NYC restauranteurs since at least the early 2000s.

There’s the $100 24-karat gold donut, the $1,200 margarita, and the mercifully discontinued $2,300 hot dog, just to name a few high-dollar delicacies.