The 2013 NFL Big 5: Week 15

The youngsters are taking over the league, but will one of them get smoked on Monday?

The new NFL week is here and with it comes chaos. Fortunately, Maxim is here to help you navigate these uncharted waters with five predictions that will undoubtedly (or just maybe) come true.

Big Upset – Miami over New England

Nothing kills momentum like losing your hard-partying but harder-spiking tight end to a season-ending ACL and MCL tear. Also worth noting that besides New Orleans, Miami’s first loss to the Pats is the only game that they’ve dropped by more than four points – a loss they are eager to avenge in order to stay in the AFC wild card hunt.

Big Performance – Nick Foles

Replacing a fragile and ineffective Michael Vick, Nick Foles has stormed the scene in Philly, making the fans put down the batteries they were about to hurl at Chip Kelly and enjoy this dopey-looking youngster’s climb to 7-1 with 20 TDs, one pick, and a share of the league-wide single game TD record to show for it. The Eagles will get an Adrian Peterson-less Vikings team on which to score at will this week, so the cheese steaks will be flowing like water in celebration.

Big Flop – Josh Gordon

This is definitely not to say that Gordon’s performance for Cleveland this season has been anything short of astonishing, especially considering the arms that have been throwing to him, but his luck is going to have to run out sometime. And against a Bears team that held Dez Bryant to 12 yards last week, this could be that week.

Big Storyline – Poking a sleeping Lion

Matt Elam called Calvin Johnson “old” when asked about defending the monstrous receiver on Monday. The fact that it was surrounded by other words of praise for Johnson probably won’t matter – Megatron doesn’t need fuel to make you look dumb, but we’re sure it won’t hurt, either. Elam will probably have a long and difficult night (on a nationally televised stage) come Monday.

Big Stinker – Bills at Jaguars

Sure, the Jaguars won four of their last five, but two of those were against the Texans, and the Bills have fallen back to requisite Bills-type sadness. But hey, at least this guy definitely won’t regret doing this to his hummer

Photos by Jim Rogash/ Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013