The 2013 NFL Big 5: Week 2

The Mannings aren’t the only the only brothers going at it this weekend.

The new NFL week is here and with it comes chaos. Fortunately, Maxim is here to help you navigate these uncharted waters with five predictions that will undoubtedly (or just maybe) come true.

(Photo: Chris Szagola / CSM / Landov | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013)

Big Upset – Buffalo over Carolina

Eight underdogs covered the spread last week, so the overreactions about which teams are good and which teams suck are running rampant. However, the Bills (who could very well be good), are – in a very non-overreactive manner – giving three points to the Panthers at home. While Carolina’s defense can stack up, Newton and Smith are on an island offensively. An island that is pressured and double covered pretty frequently. If the Bills can hold it together offensively, they should be able to take down their first W.

Big Performance – Peyton Manning

In another match-up plagued by second week overreactions (Giants giving 4.5 at home?) there is one thing that is actually likely – Peyton Manning will have a field day. Especially if Prince Amukamara, actual prince and last sign of life for the New York secondary, sits with a concussion. Sidenote – the Manning brother should start selling their enormous foreheads to advertisers. “Think this face is dumb? So is drinking anything but Budweiser.”

Big Flop – Geno Smith

The Jets’ new toy put up halfway-decent numbers against a Tampa Bay team that refused to quit (losing). The difference is, Marky-Mark Sanchez was still an option for later in the season at that point, so Geno Smith was just a guy on borrowed time with nothing to lose (also with no receivers or running game). Now that Sanchez will sit for the rest of the season, the pressure is on to actually deliver for the fervent, and not-at-all-douchey brand of fan that the Jets are so known for.

Big Storyline – Brother vs. Brother

Two brothers go under center on Sunday, and we aren’t talking about the Mannings. Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick are brothers in rookie-hood, brothers in Madden commercial acting, and brothers in their Wisconsin connection. On top of all that, they are both insanely talented and have each bet one of their eyebrows on the game. This is maybe the most watchable game of the weekend (and of course, it coincides with Breaking Bad).

Big Stinker – Jacksonville at Oakland

While the game will be a messy affair of overthrown passes, defensive miscues, and maybe even a safety, at least you can be entertained by the Raider Nation stabbing themselves (and probably others) in the stands.

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