24 Hours to Live: Seth Green

The multitalented Mars Needs Moms star breaks down his last day.

The multitalented Mars Needs Moms star breaks down his last day.

So how do you want to go?

Either peacefully, surrounded by loved ones, or flung from a massive slingshot into a helicopter.

Do you have any deathbed confessions?

I probably shouldn’t say this till I’m dead, but I coined the phrase “cha-ching.”

Will you be going to heaven or hell?

If I understand the rules correctly, probably hell. Although I’ve lived morally and ethically as an adult,

my youth was spent spinning in an angst-fueled rage.

Mars Needs Moms is one of a ton of animated projects you’ve lent your voice to. Which character would you least want to be reincarnated as?

The magic unicorn bears a heavy burden.

Your Mars character gets annoyed with all the chores he’s given by his mom. What chore would you least like to be stuck with in hell?

Managing contracts in a law office.

On Robot Chicken you mock and parody a lot of pop culture figures. Which of them do you think will

be the first to spit on your grave?

Who knows? I may put a spittoon on my headstone so people have a fun place to aim.

What song plays as you die?

Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain.” It sums up my life’s mission.

What’s your last meal?

Either authentic penne arrabiata or an In-N-Out double-double with fries.

If you could come back and spy on someone who’s still alive, who would it be and why?

My wife. I’d miss her too much to spend that much time away. Though if she started getting on with dating, I’d probably have to split.

As Scott Evil, your dad said you weren’t evil enough. Any real-life vices?

I live the hell out of life.

What would Family Guy’s Chris Griffin say at your funeral?

“I’m sorry, who are we burying?”

Got any last words?

San Dimas High School football rules!

Mars Needs Moms hits theaters March 11.