25 Relevant Halloween Costumes You May Have Forgotten About

There’s a lot more to 2013-themed Halloween costumery than Miley and Robin. A lot happened this year, so we put together some easy-peasy headline-makin’ costumes!


Materials: Gummy sharks, steel wool, grey pants, grey shirt

Directions: Stretch wool out and glue it in swirls on the clothes. Then glue sharks onto the wool. 

North West

Materials: A compass, a onesie, a baby bottle, and bonnet.

Directions: Draw a compass pointing to NW onto a poster. Wear it by attaching strings to the poster. Wear a onesie underneath for warmth and to look like a baby. Add a bottle and bonnet. Sunglasses optional, but you are Kanye’s baby after all. Kute

IKEA Horse-Meatballs

Materials: IKEA bag, horse printout, some sort of stick

Directions: Cut leg holes into the bottom of an IKEA bag. Wear as overalls. Print a photo of a horse head and attach to a stick. 

The Harlem Shake

Materials: A milkshake and a Harlem sign. Helmet or mask optional.

Directions: Attach a string to a sign that says “Harlem” or wear a Harlem shirt. Buy a milkshake. Drink it.  

The Royal Baby 

Material: Onesie, crown, pacifier, robe, teddy bear

Directions: Put on all of the materials. Look adorable and royal. 

Happy Halloween!