2bar Moonshine

This stuff raises the bar!

Prohibition is over.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t keep getting drunk on moonshine like it’s 1929!

Introducing Moonshine by 2bar Spirits

We know what you’re thinking: moonshine is liquor brewed illegally by dirty, toothless rednecks in Appalachia and is used as currency in places like West Virginia and Tennessee. While that’s a fairly accurate assessment, it doesn’t apply in the case of 2bar Spirit’s Moonshine, which is brewed in Seattle, Washington, a city where it rains a lot, like all the time.

When swallowed, regular moonshine can feel like burning hot lava as it singes the lining of your intestinal tract, but 2bar Spirit’s version – made from corn grown in Washington’s heartland – goes down smooth and easy and safe, like water. It also carries the added bonus of not making you go blind!

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