Watch: 3 Of The Funniest Moments From SNL’s Season Finale

A ‘Dead Poets Society’ parody, Hillary and Bernie dancing, and “Fuck Bin Laden.”

Saturday Night Live‘s season finale brought back former cast member Fred Armisen for hosting duties. Armisen was, as expected, reliably funny and versatile.  We don’t know if the weird yet—at least in one case—hysterical results were related to Armisen’s temporary return to 30 Rock, but it’s easy to guess one of the creators of Portlandia inspired show writers to stretch a bit. Watch three of the funniest moments in a solid season-ender below.

Viewers who recalled the intense 1989 coming-of-age film Dead Poets Society might have been mystified by the first minutes of a digital short titled “Farewell Mr. Bunting.” After all, short of remembrances that accompanied the death of Poets star Robin Williams, it’s not a film you hear much about today. The short included some funny lines, but around 2:30 in the video it took a turn so gruesome it seemed like the only response might be shocked laughter. 

The finale’s cold open returned to this season’s favorite impersonations—Kate McKinnon’s feisty, somewhat crazed Hillary Clinton and season MVP Larry David’s uncannily perfect Bernie Sanders. Hillary and Bernie happened to run into each other like old frenemies at a bar and for a moment it seemed like they’d come to some kind of meeting of the minds. But the twist at the end seemed inevitable, and like the best parody, somehow true to the characters.

A Lonely Island digital short featuring Andy Samberg as the lead character in the upcoming comedy Popstar: Never Stop Popping! shouldn’t have been a surprise in a finale hosted by an old hand like Armisen, but it was—and a funny one at that. Singing as his Popstar lead character Conner4Real in “Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song),” Samberg sang of a girl who wanted him to “to fuck her like America fucked Bin Laden” and “invade” her with his “special unit.” 

It was, all in all, a pretty satisfying end to a solid season of SNL, and after getting our first look at Conner4Real, we’re ready to give Popstar a chance when it premieres on June 3rd.