400-lb. Running Back Proves You Can Have Both Delicious Meals And Athletic Success

Our dream is not dead!


His name is Tony Picard, and what he lacks in speed he makes up for in holy fuck get out of his way. The 6 foot 4 running back’s highlight reel has gotten as big as, well, the obviousness of comparing it to him. Big Tone, as he is known around White Swan High School, has lumbered for more than 570 yards and 8 TDs this season. In addition to that, he’s also high school football’s biggest decoy, making lanes for smaller backs and pulling all the men that it takes to tackle him away from other ball-handlers.

Picard dreams of taking his game to the next level, but has faced scrutiny based on his size and the increased competition in college. Call us crazy, but we thing that a 400-lb. high schooler who is well practiced at “mowin’ fools over” could very likely have a future in the game.