5 Actresses Who Should Play the Lead in the Fantasy Island Reboot

Come on board to our fantasy casting call. 

Because time is a flat circle, ABC has announced a reboot of yet another vintage series: This time, Fantasy Island will be getting a 21st century makeover — and this reboot is taking some serious liberties to modernize the eighties primetime soap opera. ABC is taking the island out of Fantasy Island and doubling down on the fantasy with plans to cast a woman in the lead role as a CEO of a company that “designs and executes fantasies” for high-ticket clients. We hope ABC executes our fantasies by casting one of these leading ladies as the “brilliant, dynamic, and sexy woman” who runs the show.

Christina Hendricks

The voluptuous redhead might resemble a character from another island show, but she’s every man’s fantasy. And now the Mad Men is over, she’s available for TV work. Wouldn’t it be nice to see her at the top of the corporate ladder without a dirty secret behind her climb?

Olivia Munn

Munn is another face we miss having on TV — we haven’t seen the former Attack of the Show host on the small screen since The Newsroom wrapped up last year (thank heavens, but she was the best thing about it!). With her experience as both a comedic actress and a Type A financial reporter — never mind her charm and sex appeal — Olivia would be a perfect fit to play a contemporary CEO with an edge.

Amanda Peet

It’s been a long time since Amanda Peet was the star of a movie or a TV show — too long. Most recently, the sexy and uber-talented actress has appeared in supporting roles in the HBO show Togetherness and the summer rom-com Sleeping With Other People —where she proved she can convincingly play a hard-charging CEO with a sympathetic side. For Peet’s sake (and ours), someone call her agent.

Jessica Alba

Jessica may have taken a little bit of a break from Hollywood lately — because she’s been building a business empire of her own with The Honest Company. Alba would be right at home in the role — and she looks killer in a suit.

Marisa Tomei

There’s literally nothing this Oscar-winner can’t do, including play a cutthroat corporate executive, as she does in the new season of Empire. But something tells us her character won’t be sticking around for the rest of the series. With her serious acting chops and skill at playing complex characters with a dark side, Marisa Tomei could be the new network antihero we didn’t know we needed.

h/t Deadline

Photos by Michael Buckner / Getty Images