5 Best True Romance Moments

A tribute to Tony Scott, one of our favorite directors.

A tribute to Tony Scott, one of our favorite directors.

Photo: Warner Bros. / Everett Collection | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

Tony Scott never won an Academy Award. His career was often eclipsed by that of his brother Ridley. His movies were perhaps thought of as goofy, macho crap. And we loved him for it. His directorial credits include not only Top Gun, Crimson Tide and Days of Thunder but the brilliant True Romance. After hearing of his passing, we’d like to take a moment and remember the good times. Here are several reasons we’ll miss Mr. Scott.

The Opening of True Romance (And the music)


How can you not love a movie that starts like this? You could put this opening in front of The Smurfs 3D and it would work.

Dennis Hopper vs. Christopher Walken

As great as Hopper is, and as much as we love Quentin Tarantino’s dialogue, our favorite moments are the quick, over the shoulder looks Walken gives his goons.

The Diner Scene

Beats anything you’ll see in a Katherine Heigl romantic comedy.

Imaginary Elvis (Val Kilmer)

You never see his face, but if a ghostly Elvis recommends murder, you should listen.

Worlds Collide!

Scott put Tony Soprano and Tyler Durden on the same screen, and for that we are grateful.