5 Cocktails That Celebrate The Summer In Sports

These sports drinks may not rehydrate you, but they’ll definitely give you a nice buzz.

The Derequiri 

This month, Derek Jeter returned to play with the New York Yankees after being out for ankle injuries. Since returning, he returned to the disabled list because of a quadricep sprain. Bummer, Derek! We’re drinking to your health with this rum Derequiri made with apple cider. Get it? Big apple? Yankees? Genius. 


1/2 Shot of Cruzan Light Rum

Mike’s Hard Smashed Apple Cider

1 Tablespoon honey



Combine honey with rum over ice. Fill up the glass with hard cider. Serve in a glass that makes you feel dandy.

The Heat Wave

As you may have heard, the Miami Heat were crowned NBA Champions for the second year in a row. Here’s a cocktail to celebrate! Made with hot sauce, bourbon, seltzer, and ginger simple syrup, it’s hot, spicy, and a little loud… like King James’ Instagram videos.


1/2 Shot of Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon

1/2 Cup of seltzer

1/4 Shot of ginger simple syrup

Several dashes of Texas Pete Hot Sauce


Combine all of the ingredients. Serve in a coupe.

The Pimmbledon

In honor of British tennis player Andy Murray’s win at this year’s Wimbledon, we’ll toast the Limey with the delicious English liqueur, Pimm’s, and some limes! It’s super refreshing and very British, just ask us! Cheerio! 


1 Shot of Pimm’s

1 Shot of lime juice

1 Tbsp of mint simple syrup

1 Squeeze of fresh lime and a slice of garnish



Combine the ingredients and serve over ice in a goblet or wine glass.

The Pitts

This summer, the Pittsburgh Pirates are proving they might be a factor again. Their fans are coming out to support them more than ever, and with 59 wins so far this season, the odds might be ever in their favor. (Yeah, we just quoted Hunger Games. What of it?) This cocktail has rum, because that’s what pirates drink, and peach bitters… because peaches have pits and so does “Pittsb-aaaaargh!”


1/2 Shot of Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum

1 Tablespoon of simple syrup

Several dashes of peach bitters


1 Ice cube


Combine the first three ingredients over one ice cube and fill seltzer to the top of the glass (preferably a coupe).

The Arctic Tiger

Playboy Tiger Woods and sexy ski racer Lindsay Vonn announced they were dating in March and they’ve been going strong all summer long. This drink combines tiger blood (blood orange soda) and ice (that’s where the “arctic” comes from, y’all) with some spicy, sexy ginger. Cheers to Lindsay and Tiger!… We guess?


1/2 Shot of Camarena Silver Tequila

1/4 Shot of ginger simple syrup

1/2 Can of San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa

Candied ginger for garnish



Combine all the ingredients over ice – OR even better, combine all ingredients in a blender with ice. 

Yay, sports!

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