5 Informercials That Totally Ripped Us Off

We won’t admit which of these products we actually own.

With the news that the company behind the “Snuggie” has settled with New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on charges that it deceived customers, we got to the thinking of all the ill-begotten late night purchases we ourselves have made. In that spirit, we present the five infomercials that sell products so ridiculous, they must all be brought to justice. 

The Potty Putter

You putt while sitting on the pooper. This exists. 

The Kush 

It’s a body pillow… for your breasts. C cups and larger only, please. $55 with shipping and handling. 

Mr. Microphone

Hey, good looking! A terrible product, forever immortalized by The Simpsons.

The UroClub

You know what’s more embarrassing then peeing into a a bush? Carrying around a fake golf club filled with your own urine. 


 Kill it before it kills you.