The 5 Most Insane Dunks From NBA All-Star Weekend

From Space Jam tributes to Greek gods, here were the best throw-downs in Brooklyn.

The dunk contest may be waning in popularity, but it’s still the best excuse for NBA players to act goofy, bring out special guests, and altogether act like the showmen they are. Last night in Brooklyn was no exception. While the fans might have been near-catatonic, the dunkers weren’t, throwing down slam after slam that reminded everyone of just how crazy athletic these young men are. 

Here are the top five dunks from last night, in descending order:

5. Mason Plumlee off the side of the backboard.

The Brooklyn Net was probably the least exciting entrant, but he still got some serious air on this inventive move. 

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo gets some help from his brother.

The Milawukee Buck, otherwise known as the “Greek freak” couldn’t quite find his stride in the contest, but this dunk, with the assist from his brother, makes a fine highlight. Still, would have been great to see his SkyDunk

3. Victor Oladipo sings bad, dunks great.

Oladipo came out singing “New York, New York,” slightly off-tune, but we’ll give him props for even trying. Of course, his 360-Reverse Dunk made us immediately forget the drubbing he gave to our ears, and for that we are grateful. 

2. Zach LaVine goes behind his back and steals the show. 

The star of the evening, by a long shot, was the Wolves’ Zach LaVine, who made a name for himself with a series of emphatic dunks that rivaled the moves of a young Vince Carter. 

1. Zach LaVine believes he can fly. 

And here it is, the dunk everyone will remember. After bringing out the Quad City DJ’s, LaVine took of his warm-up and revealed a Jordan Toon Squad jersey from Space Jam. When you invoke Jordan, you better back it up, and well… LaVine definitely earned a roster spot next to Bugs Bunny. 

Photos by Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty