5 Places To Get Boozy Popsicles This Summer

The heat is on. Might as well cool down the old-fashioned way.

It’s the hottest time of the year, and you need a newer, colder way to consume alcohol. How about in solid form? How about in a childhood staple that you never thought could get any better? Done and done—check out the restaurants that are serving up boozy popsicles. 

1. Moonshine Mule at Barleymash (San
Diego, CA)

Jess DiBona, the pastry chef at boozy San Diego gastropub Barleymash, recently debuted a new selection of cocktail-flavored popsicle. Order a Jack and Coke, white peach sangria, lemonade vodka or whatever you feel pairs best with the hamburger in your other hand – there are no bad options. That said, the Moonshine Mule (pictured above) features real moonshine, ginger beer, bitters, lime juice, and mint. The refreshing taste is hard to beat in summer. 

2. Prosecco and Ice Pops at Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar (New York, NY)

NYC’s People Pops, which sells popsicles and shaved ice from Downtown storefronts, is collaborating with Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar to make Prosecco Ice Pop cocktails, which are exactly as refreshing as they sound. The pops – Blueberry-Peach and St. Germaine; Yellow Plum-Mint and Cane Rum; Peach Vanilla and Widow Jane Bourbon –  are served upside down in a glass of Prosecco. These are the coolest refreshments in a hot town.

3. “Poptails” at King of Pops(Atlanta, GA)

Atlanta hot spot King of Pops stocks 24 gourmet popsicle flavors, including Mexican Chocolate, but they’re better known – among adults anyway – for their Poptails. Customers have to special order the coolers, which means both planning ahead and spending hours waiting with anticipation for that Loaded Arnold Palmer or Bourbon Cowboy. Worth it.

4. Margarita/Cosmo Pops at SnoBar Cocktails (various locations)

SnoBar has been in the boozy ice cream biz for a while but now you can enjoy their delicious and powerful popsicles in various spots across the country. Their pops come in Cosmo and Margarita. We (obviously) prefer the latter. 

5. Assorted Flavors at Bread Winners (DallasTX)

The Quarter Bar at the Bread Winners Cafe serves up cocktails and beers, but they’ve also got Booze Pops, which look like they’re for kids, but come in very adult flavors, like Jalapeño Margarita and Moscow Mule. These sticks are the best antidote to a Texas heatwave.