5 Questions with Brody Stevens About His New Comedy Central Show

Get to know one of the funniest standups around with the help of his new show, Brody Stevens: Enjoy It!

It’s pretty much impossible to describe the comedic stylings of Brody Stevens, but we’ll try anyway. He’s loud. He’s aggressive. He’s at his funniest when his jokes bomb. He’s the guy that other comedians stand in the back of the audience to watch. Though the former college baseball player has been performing since the mid-’90s, he’s yet to get his big break like close pals Zach Galifianakis and Sarah Silverman. That all might change, however, thanks to his new Comedy Central show, Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! Premiering this Sunday, it’s a documentary-style series that follows Brody as he tries to get back into the world of standup after a psychological breakdown. It’s a mix of live comedy, documentary footage, and animation, and it’s like nothing else on TV. Brody took the time to answer a few of our burning questions…

Please describe Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! in one sentence.   

A real, semi-humorous ride with bumps, bruises, personal growth, and stand-alone comedy stanzas.  

Your show is being publicized as Comedy Central’s “first dramatic series.” Will we still laugh? 

I am a comedian, so hopefully there will be a few chuckles. But yeah, I can almost guarantee a laugh every five minutes. That’s the agreement I made with Viacom.  

You’ve been called a “comedians’ comedian.” What does this mean to you?  

Comedians get a kick out of me because I go up with a loose script and play off that. Crowd work, jokes, and rants. Fellow comedians have always supported me, encouraging me to keep doing what I’m doing. Which is chasing my tail and going nuts. Kidding! I’m happy and stable.  

You’ve worked with some of the biggest comics and actors in the game (Robert Downey Jr, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman). Do you have any hot celeb gossip?  

I’m not a gossip guy. But yeah, I’m in the inner circles of Hollywood’s elite. They know about UFO’s. That’s all I can say.  

Your friend Zach Galifianakis describes you as a “jock doing performance art.” What does that mean?

I am a jock, I enjoy pitching, stretching, and bike riding. Somehow I’ve been able to blend the arts and sports world together through humor and patience. Staying true to who I am, working hard and smart. These are tools I picked up in college sports. I would say I’m half and half, and Zach nails that point precisely.

Check out a clip from the show:

Comedy Central

Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! premieres Sunday, December 1, at midnight on Comedy Central.

Photos by Photo Courtesy of Comedy Central