5 Reasons Being A Bully Is A Bad Idea (Even If Your Name Isn’t Richie Incognito)

Spoiler: Every reason involves you getting yours eventually.

Nobody likes a bully – especially the Miami Dolphins, who have suspended starting guard Richie Incognito indefinitely after his continued harassment of teammate Jonathan Martin. We’re still waiting to see how that story turns out, but Incognito should take a look at the videos below to see why he – and all other bullies – should reconsider his asshole-ish ways.

1. You Could Get Suplexed

15 year old Casey Heynes was walking the halls of his school in Sydney, Australia, when his 12-year old tormentor, Richard Gale, got up in his face. Heynes at first tried to take the high road and ignore the youngster without resorting to violence, but once Gale started using his fists on Heynes, Heynes decided that enough was enough. Blocking the oncoming punches of Gale, Heynes channeled the spirit of professional wrestler Bill Goldberg and gave him a suplex that will never be forgotten, lifting the diminutive bully up and slamming him into the ground. Sometimes, karma is very swift indeed.


2. You Could Get Schooled (In School)


The kid in the grey calls out the kid in the plaid, trying to embarrass him in front of the entire school by calling him names and saying he’s not man enough to hit him. The bully is forced to eat his words and several knuckle sandwiches just a few seconds later, as his intended victim proceeds to mop the floor with him.

3. You Could Get Your Ride Ruined


Bullies aren’t always roaming the halls of schools – they can also be found cruising the highways on their motorcycles. This video shows why it’s not always a good idea to take on a much larger vehicle from your very exposed, two-wheeled ride – even if you are wearing a helmet.

4. You Could Get Your Arm Chewed On


If you’re dumb enough to start a fight with a man whose dog is large enough to pull off a XXL t-shirt, you deserve everything you get, especially when “what you get” is a stomping and your arm used like a chew toy.

5. You Could Get a Roundhouse Kick to the Face


Anyone else noticing a pattern here? Bully underestimating victim: Check. Idiot friend egging him on: Check. Victim finally having enough and kicking bully’s ass: Hell yes, check. This one definitely left an impression on the bully – and we don’t just mean the imprint of the other guy’s sneaker in his face.