5 Romantic Comedies That Would Work Better As Horror Movies

Is there anything scarier than commitment?

It’s a well-known fact that guys don’t really dig romantic comedies. For years, we thought it was just because they were dumb (Richard Gere fell in love with his prostitute and it’s considered romantic?), but it turns out, it’s really because they’re in the wrong genre: all those cheesy “date night” movies are really just horror films in disguise. See, it’s all about perspective. If you stay faithful to a typical rom-com plot but ditch the cheesy score for a more sinister one and replace the goofy title cards with blood-splatter, then you’ve got a really creepy horror movie that will scare everyone – including your girlfriend/wife/prostitute. Some of those classic “love stories” are actually terrifying when you re-examine them…

Sleepless in Seattle

What if the cute girl you just met was secretly tracking your every move? Annie Reed’s cheery exterior belies her secret life as a compulsive stalker who will stop at nothing to bag her latest “magic” man, a widower whose voice she once heard on a radio call-in show. Can you spell “creeper”?


Mrs. Baskin had the perfect life, until her 13-year-old son Josh was kidnapped and held hostage for three months. But her real emotional torture begins after the boy suddenly returns, claiming that a mystical fortune-telling machine made him “big…”


In this film, which clearly inspired the Saw franchise, a wealthy woman suffering from amnesia is captured and subjected to unspeakable horrors by her disgruntled former employee.

P.S. I Love You

After her husband’s death, Holly was finally able to put their troubled marriage to rest – or so she thought. When she starts receiving letters from her dead husband, which force her to do his bidding from beyond the grave, she realizes that she will never really be free of him.

Mrs. Doubtfire

In this terrifying story of schizophrenia, a deranged, bi-polar cross-dresser will do whatever it takes to force his way back into his estranged family’s life. (Note: No change in cover art needed. It is fucking terrifying as it is.)