5 Themed Cocktails To Toast The Year 2013

What a year we’ve had! Cheers!

The Wrecked Ball (Inspired by “Wrecking Ball”)

Miley got everyone talking this year, whether she was grinding on Robin Thicke, topping our Hot 100, or swinging on wrecking balls. Get wrecked with with this drink, full of two very powerful liquors. No second drink required. 


1 Ice sphere 

1 Shot mezcal

1 Shot vodka

2 Shots tonic


Mix together. Garnish with a swinging Miley Cyrus attached to a straw.

Houston, We Have a Drinking Problem(Inspired by Gravity)

Ha! Get it? Moonshine? Because moons and space and Gravity? Is that only funny because we’re drinking right now? 


Moonshine (enough to fill one rocks glass)


Garnish with Sandra Bullock. Drink.

Oh My Lorde(Inspired by Lorde)

New Zealand singer Lorde had a huge hit with her pop luxe culture-bashing song “Royals,” so we made a drink with Grey Goose vodka and Crown Royal. Don’t cut your teeth on the glass! 


Grape juice

Grey Goose vodka

Crown Royal whisky


Use whole bottles of the airplane-sized Crown Royal and Grey Goose. Top off with grape juice. Garnish with gold teeth.

Pope Crancis(Inspired by Pope Francis)

The new pope began his papacy on March 13th, and we’ve been celebrating ever since by drinking four glasses of the blood of Christ every day after work. But for this cocktail, we added Drambuie and cranberry juice. It’s simply divine. Or, di-WINE.  


Cranberry juice


Red wine


Pour a wine glass half full. Add as much cranberry juice and Drambuie as you can until it almost overflows. Garnish with the new Pope Francis!

SharkTini(Inspired by Sharknado)

The best worst movie of the year was Sharnado. It was so bad-good that they’re making another one, set in NYC and premiering in July. In the meantime, we’ll be drinking the time away with this fishy cocktail.


Pineapple rings

Dried shrimp


Coconut rum

Salt (optional)


Rim the glass with dried shrimp and salt. Pour 1/2 shot of coconut rum and one whole shot of cachaca. Add pineapple juice from can. Garnish with a pineapple ring and shark fin.