5 Things Anthony Bourdain Says You Should Bring on Every Flight

Most of this stuff is even TSA-approved.

Anthony Bourdain [Parts Unknown]

As you might imagine, chef, author, TV host and freaking jiu-jitsu master Anthony Bourdain is on the road a lot. Like, a lot. According to the New York Times, Bourdain is somewhere other than home a whopping 200 days a year. 

So it’s a good idea to listen closely when a ridiculously experienced traveler like Bourdain starts listing the things he simply must have when he boards a plane. The following are apparently what make for an ideal flight for the host of Parts Unknown.

Anthony Bourdain ready to kick some ass.

1. Some kind of “pillow substitute.”
Bourdain tells the NYT that he always carries “a sweatshirt or a scrunchable lightweight down jacket, in case the plane is cold.” Those double nicely as pillows if he has to nap during a long layover at the airport.

2. Moleskine notebooks. 
OK, not all of these are musts for everyone, but dude is a writer. Bourdain says he brings along three or more of the high-end notebooks because when he does write, he begins with pen and paper. Then he transfers his handwritten work to the computer, editing as he goes.

3. His jiu-jitsu gear. 
Bourdain’s preferred form of exercise is jiu-jitsu, and he says he practices “literally everywhere I go.” Naturally that means bringing along his Gi, the loose-fitting clothes worn by many martial arts devotees. Most of us can probably stick with the hotel bathrobe.

4. Bourdain, also a prolific author, naturally brings books.
He tells the Times he prefers fiction and often likes it set in the country he’s traveling to.

5. A hidden knife
Hell, yes. Bourdain says if he knows he’s going somewhere with a street crime problem, he brings along a “sneaky credit card that turns into a knife.” While he admits it wouldn’t necessarily see you safely through a knife fight, it might be handy for surprising someone who jumps you as you’re entering your hotel room. 

We kind of wonder if the TSA will let him carry that one after his interview. Then again, he’s Anthony Bourdain, so who knows? Either way even if his knife is confiscated, at least he’s still got his jiu-jitsu moves.

h/t NYT