5 Things We Learned From The 2013 NFL Week 1

Lots of passing, lots of injuries, and lots of Jacksonville sucking – some things never change!

Photo by Gary C. Caskey/Landov

1. It Remains a Passing League

Two of the four highest passing totals of any NFL Week One game were recorded this season…and they’re both by QBs with the last name “Manning.” Peyton threw for 462 in his seven TD shellacking of the Baltimore Ravens, and Eli threw for 450 in a sloppy loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Between the two brothers, they nearly hucked half a mile worth of airborne pigskin.  

2. The Jaguars Are Historically Bad

Their 2 to 28 loss was the first point combination of that type ever! It’s going to be a great season, Jacksonville! And, as the Jaguars’ only score was via safety, it should be pointed out that the three safeties recorded (so far) this week have tied another NFL record…the number of safeties in a single week!

3. It’s a Good Thing Those Replacement Refs Are Gone!

Because the regular refs wouldn’t give a team an extra down or anything. And it’s not like the 49ers scored a TD on that possession. And it’s not like San Francisco won by just six points. And it wasn’t like it was against the Green Bay Packers, the team that suffered a horrible referee gaff that cost them a game last year. Yep, nothing to worry about!

4. Parity Still Rules

Nine of the 12 games were decided by a TD or less, and watching NFL Red Zone promises to send even the strongest brained into stroke mode.  

5. Staying Healthy Still Rules More

After this first week, the Pittsburgh Steelers are less a team and more a collection of those little vibrating electric football toys that have been melted by a psychotic child with a magnifying glass. Three starters, including MaurkicePouncey (probably their best offensive lineman), were likely knocked out of the season during the Steelers’ loss to the Tennessee Titans. In the 17-week gruel fest that is the NFL regular season, once again it looks like the teams that can stay healthiest will stay on top.

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