5 Things We Learned From The 2013 NFL: Week 13

It’s okay to cry, Tim Tebow is still somehow popular, and the refs still suck.

Photo: The Washington Post/Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Seriously With These Refs

In the ultimate battle of NFC East mediocrity, the Washington Racial Epithets faced off against the New York Giants on Sunday night. On a possible game-winning final drive, the refs gave the ‘Skins (then in the hurry-up) a first down on a play that appeared well short of the line of gain. RGIII ran another play (the kind of play you run when you think it’s first down), whereupon the refs referred to the “LOL Just Kidding About That Fellas” rule and changed the down marker to fourth down. What should have been a second down play suddenly became a possible game-losing situation. The ‘Skins converted, but the confusion and damage had been done. Of course, nobody can say for sure this changed the outcome of the game, but it’s a screwup as monumental as any the replacement refs perpetrated last year. Oh, and that staggering almost-upset the Texans pulled against the Patriots? It may have failed because, oh, zero penalties were called on New England. In a game where you could literally throw a flag on every play and not be technically wrong, that’s pretty impressive!

Tim Tebow Is America’s Most Searched For Athlete In 2013

According to Bing. Which means by “America” it’s really Zune owners and criminals only executable in the state of Texas.

Adrian Peterson Is A Workhorse Super Human Monster

Peterson’s 2,000 yard season last year came off of serious knee surgery. This year, he’s on pace to get 2,000 yards again. Of the six other running backs to ever get 2,000 yards rushing, none of them came close to duplicating the feat the next year. One, because it’s one of the hardest things a running back can accomplish. Two, the amount of carries required to reach that yardage usually permanently destroys a running back’s ability to, you know, run. See: Chris Johnson and Terrell Davis.

Michal Vick Might Be Done As An Eagle

Not because he started a pony fighting ring or even because he’s not good anymore, but because Nick Foles is having one of the greatest (partial) seasons for a quarterback ever. The single season passer rating record is currently held by Aaron Rodgers with a 122.5 rating for his 2012 season. Foles is sitting at 125.2. Foles has only played seven full games, but Rodgers sat the last game of the 2012 season, so the comparison won’t be that unfair if the Eagles quarterback can keep it up. And with QB play like that, there’s no reason to keep Vick on the books…though coach Chip Kelly’s offense does need a mobile QB to fire on all cylinders.  

Knowshon Moreno Cries Like A Goddamn Man


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