5 Things We Learned About Brian Williams on “The Tonight Show” Last Night

The world’s funniest news anchor stays regulating the rap game, yo.

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to debut another hilarious supercut in which Nightly News anchor Brian Williams unwittingly flexes his rap skills, this time with a rousing rendition of “Gin & Juice.” And while Fallon has done the segment several times now, it never seems to get old – much like Williams himself, who was also Jimmy’s guest last night. True to form, America’s favorite news anchor was an absolute gem, remarking that “Twitter be goin’ crazy again.” He also denied ever having used the word “hippity” (despite seeming to do so in the video), and revealed a series of other snippets about himself and the world – which incidentally, is now a better place. Here are five of our favorite newfound B-Dub tidbits:

1. He’s a grade-A ball-buster.

Williams came in hot, and immediately let Fallon know what’s what, remarking, “Every night I’m downstairs, I’m doing the broadcast that pays for your hobby and all this.” That’s right, Fallon: Nightly News pays the bills. Act accordingly.

2. He’s a fan of Ludacris and Foxy Brown.

Well, “pre-hearing loss Foxy Brown,” that is. Either way, a Brian Williams supercut of “Big Bad Mama” would be epic. It was also enlightening to hear Williams casually slip in a few Ludacris quotes, such as, “Who’s your weed man, how do you smoke so good?”

3. There may be a news anchor/fake rapper beef going on between Williams and Lester Holt.

Bri-Dubs said he was skeptical about his colleague’s “flow.” Shots fired. Your move, Holt.

4. Williams is a major player in the rap game.

According to Cuba GoodingJr., “Bri Will-I-Ams” has been making some serious waves in the rap and hip-hop community. Though to be fair, ever since Snow Dogs, we have seriously doubted Cuba’s authority on anything.

5. Watching Brian Williams quote rap songs, news anchor-style, will never get old.

Bravo to Jimmy Fallon and the segment’s editor, John McDonald (if that is his real name), for the latest installment of what is fast-becoming our favorite Tonight Show bit. With “Good Vibrations,”“Regulators,”“Bust A Move,” and several other songs already under his belt, it seems Williams could give any rapper in the game a run for his money.


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