5 Things We Learned From The NFL Divisional Playoffs

Short version: Wow.

Short version: Wow.

1. So, That Was One of the Best Playoff Weeks Ever

It doesn’t get much better than a week where each team averaged 34.5 points (the highest ever in the divisional playoffs), there was a double overtime, and an impressive 92 people were ejected from Candlestick Park. And most importantly, in comparison to Wild Card Weekend’s coma-inducing games, Saturday and Sunday’s contests didn’t make us want to drown ourselves in nacho cheese sauce.

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2. For the Past Three Seasons, The Eagles’ Opponent in Their Home Opener Has Gone to The Super Bowl

The past three Eagle home openers (and Super Bowl champs): The Giants, Packers, and Saints. This year, it was the Baltimore Ravens. And with Ray Lewis playing his final games ever (plus owning a bionic arm), it seems like the Ravens may be this year’s team of destiny (Destiny is a Baltimore stripper.)

3. There Were a Whole Lot of Kicking Shenanigans

During the TV timeout between OTs, Ravens kicker Justin Tucker decided to take a few practice field goals…on the field. And nobody stopped him. While technically not a penalizable offense, NFL refs are supposed to stop and discourage such practicing. Why a Denver Bronco didn’t just run in front of Tucker screaming, “OOGBA BOOGA BOOGA YOU SUCK BOOOOOO,” we’ll never know. Also, Pete Carroll tried to ice the Falcons kicker before what would be a game-winning field goal. He missed the first negated attempt and nailed the second. It bears repeating since it seems NFL coaching staffs just refuse to listen: DO NOT TRY TO ICE KICKERS. All it does is give professional ball-booters a consequence-free shot, which allows them to gauge wind, distance, turf density, humidity, stadium gravity, barometric pressure, and the relative sexual tension inherent in any sweaty man-on-man competition. 

4. And Still Nobody Believes in The Falcons

We doubted them, the sports establishment doubted them, and it seems like the rest of America still doubts Atlanta’s ability to win the Super Bowl.

5. Joe Flacco: Cool Guy

The Unibrow Bandit.

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