5 Things We Learned From NFL Week 10

Football curses continue, the Saints proved us right about the Falcons, and playing football in Canada is also dangerous…

Football curses continue, the Saints proved us right about the Falcons, and playing football in Canada is also dangerous…

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1 – A Freakin’ Tie? Are You Kidding? No, You’re Not Kidding? That’s Really Unfortunate.

So here’s something that hasn’t happened since 2008: A tie in the NFL. The Rams managed to out-mediocre the heavily favored 49ers to a depressing 24-24 draw. It didn’t help that the refs, while attempting to spot the ball in OT, appeared to waste as much clock as Andy Reid waiting for the breakfast/lunch all-you-can-eat buffet switch-over. And while at 6-2-1, San Francisco probably won’t have to worry about locking up the NFC West, degenerate gamblers who wagered on this game will probably have to worry about locking up their families from mob hit squads.

2 – The Giants’ November Curse Remains

Tom Coughlin’s Giants teams have gone a pretty poor 13-20 in the month of November, and that’s led into a few awful latter-half-of-the-season swoons. On Sunday, the Giants fell to the Bengals 31-13, and the game wasn’t even as close as that already sad score. Eli Manning didn’t throw a TD for his second consecutive game, and the defense looked like they recruited starters from the nearest Applebee’s. But Giants fans should take heart – though they tend to suck in the second half of the season, the G-Men also, you know, win Super Bowls when that happens. Sometimes. Other times they just suck.

3 – We Told You The Falcons Weren’t That Good. But Did You Listen To Us? Nooooo. You Didn’t. And Who’s Laughing Now? We Are. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

While the Saints are not as bad as their record (4-5), the Falcons are definitely not as good as theirs (8-1). Coming into their game against New Orleans, Atlanta was undefeated and had some players bragging about a perfect season. We said a few weeks ago that Atlanta has benefited from an easy schedule and pretty good (not great) play from its offense and defense. And look what happens! New Orleans wins (albeit at home) and ends the Falcons’ dreams of perfection. Are we psychic genius master wizards? Yes.

4 – Michael Vick Without An Offensive Line is Painful to Watch

The Eagles QB suffered a likely concussion in a drubbing courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. With four starting offensive linemen out for Philly, it’s basically criminal to put the already reckless and injury prone Vick out on the field. We’re likely watching a man lose years off his lifespan with almost any individual snap of the ball. For dog lovers, that’s probably wonderful. But for Vick fans, it might be time to get your QB out of Philly before his brain starts leaking out of his ears.

5 – Playing In The CFL Is Also Bad For Your Health

Just ask this guy.

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