5 Things We Learned From NFL Week 8

Instant replay is kinda lame, the Falcons are the worst-best team, Jim Harbaugh is a crazy person and more from an exciting eighth week of the NFL!

Instant replay is kinda lame, the Falcons are the worst-best team, Jim Harbaugh is a crazy person and more from an exciting eighth week of the NFL!

1 – The Falcons Aren’t Very Good

While 7-0 is nothing to scoff at (and, really, we love a good scoffing), the Atlanta Falcons aren’t all that great. Offensively, they’re 8th in passing yards, 24th in rushing yards. While on defense, they’re ranked 10th in passing yards allowed and 26th in rushing yards given up. So far, they’ve beaten: Kansas City (1-6), Denver (4-3), San Diego (3-4), Carolina (1-6), Washington (3-5), Oakland (3-4), and Philadelphia (3-4). That’s one team with a winning record. And with only two teams left on the schedule that might be a challenge (the Saints and the Giants), the Falcons might finish damn near perfect. But if they don’t step up their level of play, Atlanta might be out of the playoffs early, first-round bye or no.

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2 – Replay Ruined A Great Cowboys Comeback

While the thought of the overpaid and constantly overrated Dallas Cowboys as “America’s Team” is nauseating, and feeling sorry for them is like pitying the Yankees, the mega wealthy, or anybody with an ice cream machine, they played a great game on Sunday. Down 23-0 in the first quarter and with Tony Romo throwing picks to anyone wearing a blue uniform, the ‘Boys looked done early. But a crazy comeback later and Dallas was one play away from winning. On what looked like the last play of the game, Romo heaved a deep strike to Dez Bryant. Bryant made possibly the most difficult, acrobatic catch of his career in the end zone and it looked like the game was over. But replay showed the receiver had barely a centimeter of his hand out of bounds as he fell to the ground. No touchdown, game basically over. While replay is great, and this call was certainly the correct one, it takes some of the spirit out of the game when seemingly every great play has to be stamped “approved” by a couple of nerdlingers in ties watching the game from a booth.

3 – Jim Harbaugh Is A Beautiful Lunatic

We are professional morons, so if we started babbling about jive turkey gobblers it would be…understandable? But for a coach in the NFL to start accusing imaginary critics of Alex Smith as talking a lot of “Gobble, gobble turkey” is a little strange. Also, amazing and we hope he never changes.

4 – The Cardinals Suck Now And Are Making Us Look Bad

Way back a few weeks ago, we calmly stated that the Arizona Cardinals might be really good. They have now scored 17 points total in the past two weeks, they’re next to dead last in passing with Larry Fitzgerald on the team, and they’ve lost four in a row. While we’d like to take responsibility for a “Maxim Curse,” we haven’t recertified our “Hedge Wizardry” and “Minor Sorcery” qualifications at the DMV in years.

5 – Hurricane Sandy Screwed Up The NFL Too

While millions of people on the East Coast are without power and thousands more are dealing with the catastrophic impact of this freak storm, the NFL is suffering too. They’ve had to push back the trade deadline by a few days. The horror!

Here’s what we learned from NFL Week 7.

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