5 Things You Didn’t Know About Bob Saget

He and Uncle Jesse once saved a woman’s life, for starters.

If you’ve already seen Bob Saget’s Showtime special That’s What I’m Talking About—or any standup he’s ever done—you know that he’s a far cry from Full House‘s squeaky-clean Danny Tanner. What you might not know, however, are these five facts, which he recently confided in us…

Full House was based on the movie Three Men and a Baby.

“The three guys living together wasn’t a hidden gay thing. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was a direct take off of Three Men and a Baby. As the show went on, of course, my character just wanted to hug and be very clean. I made myself the gayest man.”

He can’t explain why Danny Tanner’s deceased wife didn’t look Greek.

“Uncle Jesse—John Stamos—was Greek. He was the brother of Danny’s dead wife, who we saw once in a while in pictures and dreams. She must have been Greek too, but she did not look Greek. She was blonde with blue eyes and a button nose. So I would guess that, you know, it was just beautiful, Disney-esque casting, and a not a real-world thing. I can’t believe you’re trying to figure this out now.” 

He also doesn’t know how she died.

“We never knew what happened to her. We had a press conference at the very beginning of the show, and the press asked ‘How did the wife die?’ I said the words, ‘She had cancer,’ at the same time as one of the producers yelled out, ‘Car accident!’ And then I went, ‘Well, she had cancer in the car.’”

He and John Stamos once saved a life.

“We were driving to work together years ago, during Full House, and we witnessed a car accident. A woman’s car got hit, and we jumped out of our car because nobody else stopped. We started knocking on her door, and she seemed unconscious for a moment. Then this poor lady wakes up, and what she sees is me and John Stamos, dressed like Danny and Uncle Jesse, looking into her window. We thought, this woman must have thought she died and went to sitcom hell! Like, they’d take her to the ER and the cast of Growing Pains is waiting there.”

But he’s never tasted the Greek yogurt Stamos does ads for.

“I’ve never tasted Stamos’ yogurt before in my life, but I bet it’s delicious, ’cause he’s really very proud of it. It’s always dripping out of his mouth.”

That’s What I’m Talking About will be released as a CD, DVD, and digital download on July 16th. Check out Bob’s upcoming tour dates at BobSaget.com.

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