5 Whiskey Cocktails Perfect for Thanksgiving

Make like a drunken pilgrim and wash down your turkey and stuffing with these festive whiskey drinks.

Thanksgiving is indisputably the best holiday ever. There are no expensive gifts to buy, no ridiculous costumes to wear, no painting Easter eggs or buying quasi-legal fireworks. It’s purely about stuffing your face and uncorking some wine, drinking a few beers or mixing up cocktails. What’s not to love?

Here are five festive whiskey drinks courtesy of our friends at Jack Daniel’s that are perfect for pairing with a gut-busting bird feast.

Fall Fashioned: 

A cider-y spin on the classic Old Fashioned, pictured above.

1  1/2 parts whiskey

2 parts apple cider

3/4 parts simple syrup

Orange slice

A few dashes of bitters

Directions: Add ingredients to rocks glass, muddle orange, add ice and stir.

Whiskey Harvest:

Get pickled with pumpkin and maple flavors. 

2 parts whiskey

2 dashes maple syrup

1/2 part pumpkin butter

Squeeze of a lemon wedge

Dash of allspice liqueur

Directions: Shake ingredients over ice until frosty. Strain into coupe glass.

Fired Up:

An awesomely apple-centric take on the whiskey and ginger.

1.5 oz. whiskey

1 oz. Apple Juice

Top with Ginger Beer

Directions: Add liquids and garnish with apple slices (if you feel like it.)

Fish House Punch: 

Knock yourself out with this holiday party elixir.

2 parts whiskey

1 part dark rum

1 part brandy

2 1/2 parts tea

1 1/2 parts lemon syrup

2 parts sparkling wine

Directions: To make syrup, stir sugar into lemon juice and let sit for one hour, stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves. Shake remaining ingredients except sparkling wine over ice. Strain into punch glass or coupe. Top with sparkling wine.

Cider Sangria: 

Deliver an apple sangria kick to your Thanksgiving gobble-thon.

4 parts chardonnay (low-oak)

2/3 parts whiskey

1/3 parts parts apple brandy

1 1/2 parts pure apple cider

1/3 parts honey

Sliced ginger

Cinnamon sticks

Apple slices

Juice of one lime

Juice of one lemon

Directions: In pitcher, combine all ingredients besides apple wedge and citrus, then refrigerate. Before serving, add apple slices and citrus and mix well.

Photos by Jack Daniel’s