5 of the World’s Biggest Toys

OMG OMG OMG. We need all of these IMMEDIATELY.

OMG OMG OMG. We need all of these IMMEDIATELY.

World’s Biggest R/C Toy Plane

We’re pretty sure this 7:1 scale model of a Boeing B-50 Bomber is the whole reason why the Wright Brothers ever bothered trying to build a plane in the first place. And you can have one! Just be sure to swing by Costco first; this thing relies on 96 batteries to get its four electric engines up and running. But once it does, it can reach a whopping 40km speed on a 50-meter runway before it takes off.

World’s Biggest Piñata


At 47-feet tall, the Guinness Record-holder for largest piñata was constructed in 2011 as part of a promotional stunt to celebrate the first anniversary of Pretzel M&Ms. When the piñata was popped open at a ceremony hosted by Cee-lo, out poured 1,500 bottles of airplane-sized whiskey bottles. Yadda, yadda, yadda, none of the attendees were ever heard from again. Just kidding. It was filled with 1,500 pounds of M&Ms. And according to Cee-lo, every last one was delicious.

The Giant Keyboard from Big


An oldie but a goodie, the ginormous FAO Schwarz keyboard made famous by Tom Hanks in Big remains one of the coolest toys we can imagine—mostly because we can play with it anytime we want. Or at least we could, if we ever had enough strength to walk 10 whole blocks from the Maxim offices to FAO Schwarz. Which we don’t. But we should totally do that one day!

World’s Biggest LEGO Model

We wrote about the Star Wars-themed X-wing Starfighter model last month, when it was unveiled in Times Square. With a 44-foot wingspan, it stands as the largest LEGO model ever made. It is comprised of 5,335,200 LEGO bricks and weighs just shy of 46,000 pounds. So if you thought following the instructions on the last LEGO model you built in 1987 was challenging, you have absolutely NO idea. Go see the giant X-wing in person at Nerd Paradise LEGOLAND.

Robocop Statue

If artist Brandon Walley has his way, this ridiculous Robocop statue will soon find a permanent home in—where else?—Detroit. Funded by kickstarter, the statue is currently being cast in bronze, and by the time it’s completed in 2014, Walley will have spent three years working on it. And the only thing worse than spending three years of your life trying to build a giant replica of Robocop, is trying and failing. So we hope his dream is fully realized soon. In the meantime, kids, stay out of trouble.

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